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Our planet, our environment and the future health of our children are more important than fast fashion. One of the most important decisions you can make is to invest in fewer, but far better quality clothes which you can wear again and again and keep for longer. Then you can take part in the circular economy by thinking carefully about what to do with clothes when you've finished with them - will you hand them on, swap, resell or return them? All these options are particularly easy with children's clothes.


All Roundabout's dresses, shorts and trousers are handmade using 100% cotton. Cotton, as a natural fabric, doesn't necessarily need to be washed as often, saving you money, water and energy. As a natural fibre, cotton also doesn't release microplastics into our oceans. When you choose cotton, you are supporting the future of our planet. Find out more about the benefits of wearing cotton here.


We know that children grow and have designed our styles with this in mind, it's all in the detail:

  • The trousers and shorts have comfortably elasticated waistbands to allow for some extra inches.
  • The knee length shorts stay looking good as they shorten.
  • You can buy dresses to be calf-length and keep wearing them until they become a top to outfit with shorts or trousers. The A-line Rhiannon dresses, in particular, look great as tunic tops.
  • The trousers are cut to be longer than average and you can roll them up for a smart contrasting turn up.


A key part of the Roundabout philosophy is to create clothes which are timeless and we hope that your favourite dress, trousers or shorts will be handed on to younger siblings, cousins or friends and maybe even kept for the next generation.

Currently more than 300,000 tonnes of clothing end up in landfill in the UK every year. We want to make sure none of it is from Roundabout. Here are some ways you can help:

  • If you can, the best idea is to hand them on for someone else to love and enjoy.
  • Or you could join the growing trend for 'swishing events'; bring friends together and swap clothes. (see the website for more information).
  • Alternatively, you could sell them. There is a thriving pre-loved market and most areas have special sales organised by local groups such as the National Childbirth Trust (
  • Take your items to your local charity shop or clothing bank. You can find out more about what happens to your donated clothes at

Or, you can return your as-good-as-new items to the Roundabout stand at any show and benefit from a £5 discount on any full-priced item to be used the same day (excludes knitwear). You can see details of upcoming shows here on my Events page.

You can find out how to care for your clothes to keep them fresher for longer on our Care Advice page.


To ensure that Roundabout's off-cuts are not wasted they are either:

Thank you for supporting us to make a difference,