Roundabout Childrens Clothing

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Happy Customers


Every Roundabout customer is buying a gift. It might be for a godchild, a grandchild, a great-grandchild, a neighbours child, a niece or nephew, or even their own child, but it’s always a present because, although we sell clothes for children, they are not the ones doing the buying. 


We curate our fabrics with the child in mind; we want children to be excited about wearing our designs and hope this is what customers connect with when they discover Roundabout. They see a dress or pair of shorts and think it will be the ideal present. They invest in the clothes, but what they are also buying is the anticipation and pleasure of giving a special gift to a child they love. 


The clothes provide a way to share a child’s passion, be it for dinosaurs or dragons, sheep or horses, they can reflect that in the clothes they wear. 


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Thank you.

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