Roundabout Childrens Clothing

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Designed by Jo


I love it when customers visit my pop-up at a show and tell me that the dress, shorts or trousers they bought last year was their child’s favourite thing to wear all season. 


Children are at the heart of my designs. 


The essence of Roundabout is clothes that children love to wear because they are an easy fit, comfortably silky soft and are covered in dinosaurs or bikes, or chickens; they can wear their obsession! 


My Mother handmade my dresses and I treasure my memories of choosing my favourite paisley fabric with her and watching her sewing, taking care and time to craft something just for me. Through Roundabout, I want to share that special feeling of wearing handmade designs, with today’s children.


In our busy, modern world I offer you a touch of nostalgia and the delight of giving your past in a present to the next generation.




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