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The best way to reduce the impact fashion has on the environment is to simply buy less, to have fewer items and wear them more. Roundabout's baby and children's clothes are designed to be worn, please don't keep them for best; keep them out and wear them every day.

When you choose Roundabout you are investing in a piece of slow fashion. The clothes are designed and made to last and you can make a difference to their life time and our environment in the way you choose to care for them. Here are some tips for loving your clothes, keeping them looking fresh and bright and saving energy.


All Roundabout's dresses, shorts and trousers are handmade using 100% cotton. Cotton, as a natural fabric, doesn't necessarily need to be washed as often, saving you money, water and energy. Find out more about the benefits of wearing cotton here.



All our dresses, shorts and trousers are made using high grade 100% cotton fabrics so they won't need washing as frequently as synthetic fabrics. They are machine washable. Use a mild detergent and wash them at a lower temperature.

The same applies to the Knatty Knitters range of handknits. Made from etiher super soft acrylic or 100% cotton yarns, they will benefit from being washed at lower temperatures. If you want to take extra care, you could use a net laundry bag to protect them in the wash from snagging on other garments.

Remember to wash dark colours separately.



We don't recommend tumble drying any of our clothes. Instead you can pop them on an airer or out on the line to dry naturally in the fresh air. It's more cost effective and protects the fibres in the clothes from damage and shrinkage.



Life is busy and we know lots of you don't have time to iron. There is, of course, no need to iron the knitwear at all whereas the dresses, shorts and trousers may benefit from a quick once over. We find the best way to iron the reversible designs is to iron the two sides together. If it's a winter style, reversing with the corduroy, you should always iron on the cotton side.


Check out the page on Sustainability to find out how to share your Roundabout clothes as your children grow.

If you have any questions about caring for or recycling your Roundabout clothes, please email Jo at