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The sound of clapping and cheering resonating around the streets of our towns and cities on a Thursday evening brings a strong sense of togetherness. We are united to thank all the caregivers who are working so hard to fight Covid-19. In that moment, we are in touch with our communities again. Social contact is essential to our mental health and well-being and it is an ongoing struggle to be separated from those we love.

We all enjoy days out with our family and friends and, more than ever, there is a wide choice of activities depending on your interest with festivals and craft shows being amongst the most popular. Events have been the lifeblood of Roundabout and it has been difficult to receive the inevitable news of one after another being cancelled.

April and May are usually very busy months for me, starting with the Country Living Fair through to Living Crafts at Cirencester Park. Most of all I am missing meeting customers face-to-face, getting to know new families, hearing news of regulars, and seeing children a year taller. It is also a time to reconnect with my ‘exhibitor family’ and I worry about how they will manage without the shows to support their livelihoods.

If you are missing the events, have a look for the talented designers, makers and crafts people you would normally see and buy from at the shows. These individuals and British brands need your support now more than ever. Small, independent businesses account for 60% of employment in the UK and will be key to restarting the economy after lockdown so your loyalty now for products made in Britain will make a difference to our local communities in the future.

Keeping it British has never been more relevant and I hope that you will be able to show your support for the crafters and small British brands who, like you, are feeling isolated and are trying to find their way through this pandemic. Remember there are plenty of ways to help sustain your favourite designer-makers and brands for free – seek them out on social media, like and follow them, share a post, like a post, re-post, tag a friend, write a review, or comment. We all really appreciate your support.

You can continue to order my handmade children’s clothes through the website, and I can also send gifts on your behalf. Whether you are interested in the reversible dresses, t-shirts, shorts, trousers or baby sets, Roundabout will keep going through this crisis and will continue to be proud to be part of a strong community of British independent brands.

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Friday, May 1, 2020