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The keyword this year has to be sustainability, I had included it as a priority in my business planning for 2019 and have since heard it mentioned everywhere, on television, on the radio, on social media and in a podcast by Kate Hills of the Make It British. A key part of my philosophy for Roundabout is to create clothes that are timeless in their design and timeless in their longevity. I hope that your favourite dresses, shorts or trousers will be handed-down through siblings and cousins and maybe even kept for the next generation. I have stashed away a few special pieces in my loft for my grandchildren and I’d love to think you might do the same with a Roundabout item.

It’s great when I receive a review on my Facebook page such as these

“Brought some shorts a while ago and WOW!!! They wash well, they look good, fit well and will last ages. Very happy with them, will have invest in some more soon!”  Lisa Payne

“These clothes are bright, beautifully made and, in my granddaughter’s case fit the age they’re designed for. Her Florence dress (which she calls ‘owls’) has been washed and worn time and again and still looks bandbox fresh, so the materials are high quality.” Sue Organ

The key point is that they talk about the clothes lasting and continuing to look as good as new. It’s also interesting that Lisa talks about investing in more shorts – I love this because it’s about buying less, but buying better. It’s a move away from fast fashion towards more considered shopping.

This has all led me to think about putting in place some sort of initiative to allow customers to return their previous purchases so they can be re-loved. There is so much in the media about fashion being damaging to the environment and I’d like, with your support, to do something to help protect our environment for the sake of our children’s healthy future. The amount of clothing going into landfill in the UK every year is going down, but according to Wrap, its still more than 300,000 tonnes and I’d like to make sure none of it is from Roundabout.

On a recent trip to Amsterdam, I came across Nudie Jeans, a Swedish company, who have a great product and a fantastic philosophy. They offer the customer making the return 20% discount on a new pair of jeans and then they re-sell the returned jeans. This gives more people access to the product as well as helping to save natural resources. Monsoon runs a similar scheme offering a £10 discount when you return an item. Marks and Spencer ‘schwopp’ for extra Sparks points and John Lewis is currently trialling a new scheme run through a mobile app.

I’m not sure yet how to make this work and would really appreciate your thoughts, I may even do a survey to find out what you think. I would also like some help to think of name for the initiative and might run a competition. As you can probably tell, this is a new idea in its infancy and I hope you will bear with me whilst I pull it together.

On th 2nd March it is, apparently, ’Old Stuff Day’ and it’s also the first day of my first show of 2019 – The MK handmade & Vintage Fair in Milton Keynes. I’d like to celebrate the day by launching this new initiative and would love to hear from you with any suggestions you have to help make this work. You can email me at or call me on 07929 224661.

Thank you.


Tuesday, January 29, 2019