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New Year, New Blog

All the people offering advice to small business owners say you have to write an interesting and relevant blog, at least weekly. I tried over a year ago to start a blog, but my heart wasn’t in it; I was short on clever ideas for content and short on time to research topics. Now, I’m trying again and taking the advice of my daughter, “write about what you know”. This, I think, might be fun to do.

This blog then will be a diary of sorts, an insight into the world of the small business owner. I will share my experience, successes and mistakes; tell you about the people I meet and the places I visit; and show you what goes on behind the scenes. Running my own business has been a steep learning curve; I get things wrong all the time and that’s the challenge. Success does not come because we always get it right first time, but because we don’t give up when we make mistakes.

When things go well, it’s exciting, extremely satisfying and very motivating. I’m not good at celebrating my successes because I worry that I will jinx them! However, my greatest success last year was being included in the gift shop at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. That kick-started my wholesale adventure and now my goal is to have a stockist in every county - could Roundabout’s handmade clothes be coming to a shop near you?

I have all the usual New Year’s resolutions - I aim to be more well organised, to keep my website up-to-date, make regular posts on social media and send out more than three newsletters. These all require quite a lot effort as I’m not naturally a public person and once I start going to shows, they slip down the priority list because I simply don’t have time. Like all small business owners, I am time-poor and although I have learnt to accept that I can only do so much, my priority for this year it is to find ways to free up my time so I can manage the business more effectively.

So, 2019 is already another busy year. The last couple of weeks have been spent thinking through what I hope to achieve over the next 12 months and planning the calendar of events. The most enjoyable job though has been choosing fabrics for the Spring/Summer collection. The general theme continues to reflect my love of wildlife and the countryside, there will be sheep, otters, giraffes, birds and horses. Dinosaurs will continue to feature and I’m adding some more fun fabrics, look out for knights, dragons, beefeaters and airplanes. Oh, and one 60s inspired, fantastically bright paisley. Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for some sneak previews.

I can’t wait to see your reaction to the new reversible dresses and shorts and look forward to seeing you again out and about at my favourite events as well as a couple of new ones. It will be fun to share the year with you through this blog, some of it might even be interesting and relevant. Let’s hope I can, with your support, keep it going right through the year…

Monday, January 14, 2019