Roundabout Childrens Clothing

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Meet Jo!

Jo is the inspiration behind Roundabout which she began in 2014.

What inspired you?

My designs are based on dresses my mother made when I was a child in the 70s. I want to create well-made, attractive, fun clothes that children will choose for themselves. The clothes must be practical, durable and look good. I believe children should be reaping the benefits of playing outdoors in clothes that will wash well and wear again and again.” (taken from website)

Where is home?

By the sea, in the historic town of Portsmouth. I love watching the constant activity in and out of the harbour and around the Solent. It’s where my parents met in 1952 when they were both in the Navy; my grandmother’s family is from the Isle of Wight; and my great great Uncle was the first Coxwain on the first Bembridge Lifeboat.

Where do you work?

From home, I have a work room with the cutting table where I also store the clothes and a wonderfully sunny office which I share with my cat.

Which is your favourite piece of Roundabout clothing?

I’m most proud of the shorts. Customers always say how difficult it is to find fun, interesting clothes for boys. I’m always looking for fabrics that boys will want to wear, right up to the age of 10 – it’s not always easy.


Failure is essential to success. It’s all about not giving up. And children should play outdoors as much as possible, without adults. They don’t need every minute of every day to be filled for them – boredom leads to inspiration and creativity.

Favourite Colour

Probably blue for myself. For the clothes I like to experiment with vibrant prints and colours and see how customers react. I’m not anti-pink for girls but I do believe in offering customers a choice.  I think children learn more from the behaviour of the adults around them than they do from the colour of their clothes! My favourite dress in the collection at the moment is the bright yellow Frankie.

Best thing about Autumn

The beautiful colours on crisp sunny days. It’s my favourite time of year for walking.

Guilty pleasures

Chocolate and the Archers. Oh, and Strictly! I love the glamour, the sparkle and of course the dancing. Giovanni is my favourite professional – he shows so much respect for his partners.

Inspirational Read

A Woman of Substance – I read it as a teenager and was impressed by Emma Hart’s grit and determination to succeed.

Top of your bucket list?

A trip to India to experience the contrasts, the colour, the noise and the smells.

Tea or coffee?

Earl Grey Tea.

Thursday, November 30, 2017