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Let's Talk London Fashion Week

For me, #londonfashionweek is a treat – a chance to see the creativity and vibrancy of the pieces and how they are being enjoyed by the audiences as well as people around the world. There has also been a #LFW exhibition on sustainability, community and ethics and if you read my January blog or know about my work and my passions, these themes are extremely close to my heart.


So, I thought it would be interesting to use my blog this month to look back at September’s LFW and see what the predictions were for Spring and Summer 2020.


 Reversible pink flamingo dress on green cotton reversing to floral corduroy dress Reversible cerulean blue bicycle dress reversing to pink and blue circles


Lilac was popular in the AW 19 collections and this has carried on into SS 20. I’m really pleased to have found a new dinosaur dress fabric, which should be back from the seamstresses and added to the website next week. Another colour trend is all shades of green and particularly lime. This yellow-green mix stands out in any collection and I love using green in my designs particularly with its connotations of ‘being green’.


Polka dots are also a firm favourite and are reminiscent of 1960s styles. To inspire you, take a look at the Reversible Bicycle Dress on my website which has a fantastic bicycle print on cerulean blue and vibrant, colourful polka dots. Anyone who loves the film The Devil Wears Prada will be familiar with this colour and the monologue from Meryl Streep. Cerulean is a shade of blue ranging between azure and a darker sky blue, and derives from the Latin word caeruleus.


Reversible chicken print dress on pale green cotton reversing to red poppy dress Reversible floral girls dress in shades of pink and blue Reversible blue butterfly and floral dress

The key philosophies promoted during  LFW last week centred around clothes that will last, classics that don’t go out of fashion, and wardrobe staples as the fashion world endeavours to be more sustainable and to highlight craftsmanship, all of which are important for Roundabout too. I wonder what September’s LFW will bring but in the meantime, we have Spring and Summer to enjoy.


Following on from my January blog and the pledges I’ve made for 2020 and beyond, I’ve also signed up to and I mentioned in my last blog that I’d already visited London’s Textile Fair to look for suppliers who are part of the Better Cotton Initiative. One of those is who source their fabrics through a mill which is part of the BCI.


Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to for featuring Roundabout in their February issue. They highlighted the Reversible Doug Yellow Trousers with its striking yellow corduroy and digger printed cotton. It’s a fantastic unisex item that my customers have loved and continue to order.

Jo x



Sunday, February 23, 2020