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A blue tick for Roundabout

When I started Roundabout, I was determined that all my products would be made in Britain and, whilst there have been challenges along the way, I am proud that I have stuck to this principle. It matters because it continues a long tradition of textiles manufacturing in the UK and because it gives transparency to the making process. As for my own family, my Great Grandfather ran a mill in Yorkshire and my Mother was a skilled dressmaker, although it was only ever a hobby for her. I know from personal experience that there is something special about wearing clothes handmade especially for you. They are a little bit different and there's joy in giving them as a gift. 

I design and cut all the Roundabout clothes in my workshop at home in Old Portsmouth and cycle around the city visiting my seamstresses. I know them all well and value the skills and knowledge they bring to creating beautifully finished garments. The team now numbers five, three in Portsmouth and two in the Midlands where I used to live. They all work from home, we are very much a cottage industry and I am proud to be creating jobs in my local community. I appreciate their input when I'm developing new ideas, they have a wealth of experience gained across a variety of workplaces. They love making the clothes as much as I do and are always excited to see the latest fabrics.

I began Roundabout in 2014 and from the beginning have been a member of Make it British, run by Kate Hills who is on a mission to help British manufacturing thrive. Kate brings together designers with manufacturers and shoppers with brands. She has recently launched a new directory and I am delighted that my listing has been awarded a blue tick, verifying Roundabout's British provenance. Roundabout was also listed as a top British baby brand of which I am immensely proud. Thank you Kate.

As we all slowly creep out of lockdown, I am excited that we have had a revival of interest in British products and look forward to being part of a resurgence as we recover from these difficult times. Thank you for shopping locally and buying British.

Model wears the reversible dinosaur dress and holds a British union flag

Our lovely model, who is the daughter of one of my seamstresses, is wearing the Reversible Dinosaur Dress, cut by Jo and sewn by Barbara.

Thursday, July 2, 2020