Roundabout Childrens Clothing

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100% cotton

All Roundabout's dresses, shorts and trousers are made using carefully selected 100% cotton fabrics.



As a natural fibre cotton has many benefits over synthetic fabrics and it's especially great for summer clothing. It's breathable, taking moisture away from the body keeping you cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days. Soft and hypoallergenic, cotton is perfect for children's delicate skin.


You don't need to wash cotton as frequently and it doesn't release harmful microplastics into the ocean. It is definitely a better choice for the environment and our marine life. Roundabout is committed to supporting the work of sustainability programmes. The Better Cotton Initiative exists to improve global cotton production for the producers, the environment and the future of our planet. BCI works with farmers in 21 countries, reducing water and fertiliser usage, improving irrigation and care for the soil. The Duck and Dinosaur dresses are both made with BCI cotton.


Hardwearing and durable, cotton will keep it's shape and last longer. At Roundabout, we encourage you to buy less, wear it more and pass it on. Making all our clothes from 100% cotton, means they can be worn over and over.


In our unpredictable British summers, layering is very popular. Cotton is light and insulating, great for layering when the temperature fluctuates. Layer our cotton dresses with our hand-knitted cotton Daisy and Petal cardigans which come in a variety of beautiful colours - buttercup yellow, soft pink and silvery blue. Cotton knitwear is the perfect, lightweight, throw-on for children who need an extra layer to keep warm.


Reversible Dinosaur Dress


Monday, August 10, 2020