Roundabout Childrens Clothing

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  • Reversible Autumn Dress
  • Roundabout Handmade Shorts and hats
  • Shorts for boys and girls

Welcome to Roundabout, handmade children's clothes since 2014 


Roundabout fills an important niche for high quality, orginal British style, supplying an accessible blend of traditional designs and a variety of fabrics which appeal to children, their parents and grandparents. We offer everday style with the emphasis on comfort, quality, fit and attention to detail. Designed by Jo in her sewing room on the Hampshire coast, all the garments are unique to Roundabout and are made using high grade, machine washable cottons and corduroys. Very much a cottage industry, every piece is cut by Jo and beautifully handmade by a team of seamstresses with years of experience.


This is a busy time of year at Roundabout; as well as making the new clothes for Spring/Summer 2018, it's also the time to choose and book shows; you can see the ones I've booked so far here. I'm revisiting the best from the last three years, as well as adding a couple of new ones. If you have any suggestions, please do get in touch, particularly if you are in or around the Hampshire area. 


Choose original, limited edition designs proudly made in Britain.

“It's nice to find someone making such beautiful children's clothes”, Louise at Eroica Britannia, June 2017